Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weeds - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Author: Andrew Bicknell

When you look at your lawn what do you see? A lush green lawn, or are there alien looking plants that interfere with the aesthetic pleasure you wish to experience with your yard. Weeds, those pesky plants that serve no purpose other then to drive all home owners crazy with their presence. But there are actually weeds that can be beneficial to your yard as well as those nasty varieties that can be down right harmful.

So what is a good weed?

For many home owners clover is considered a weed, but as weeds go it does have some benefits. So before you go crazy spraying it with herbicide or trying to dig it up consider this. Clover is known to add beneficial nutrients to your yard and it actually keeps other more harmful weeds at bay by taking up valuable lawn space. And for the most part it doesn't look bad and has the added benefit of giving your kids the chance to find that lucky four leaf clover.

Bad Weeds

These are those nasty varieties that we all hate seeing in our yards; Dandelions, thistle, and other deep rooted weeds that seem to be impossible to get rid of. And while dandelion might have those pretty yellow flowers and can be eaten in a salad they are an indication of a potentially serious issue with your soil or grass.

These deep rooted weeds need to be dealt with quickly because they use up moisture and nutrients that would be better used by your grass. Once you deal with these types of weeds with either herbicides or by pulling them prevention becomes to name of the game. Get your soil tested and add amendments as needed to ensure a strong healthy lawn. Also be sure to mow your grass high; tall-thick grass shades the soil and prevents weeds from sprouting.

The Ugly

All weeds are ugly in the eyes of those who desire the perfect yard. But what about weeds that aren't technically weeds? There are types of grass that are not at all acceptable to most homeowners. Crab grass is one such variety. It grows in thick clumps that spread quickly if they are not dealt with, giving a lawn an uneven appearance.

The problem with these types of grasses is you can't use herbicides because it will also kill your existing lawn. The best way to deal with this problem is to dig it out, roots and all. If you don't get the roots it can easily grow back. Re-seed those areas and keep an eye out for those problem grasses so that they can be dealt with quickly.

Invasive Plants: Weeds of the Global Garden

As you can see there are a variety of good, bad, and ugly weeds. Deal with them accordingly to keep your lawn looking attractive all year long.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Medicinal Herbs For Skin- Tips For Finding The Fountain Of Youth

Author: Robin Newsome
"Brooke start using medicinal herbs for skin now". This was the strong advice I gave to my 15 year old daughter. Why is it that we wait until the wrinkles, dark circles and crows feet show up before we decide to do something? The answer is that we're forever young at the age of 15. The fact is that herbal skin care products are effective for the young and old. You can put off the results of aging and you can also remove some of these not so subtle reminders of age. Medicinal herbs for skin are a natural, safe alternative to the toxic, synthetic chemicals often found in the most common, highly advertised skin care products. The products you are most familiar with are marketed with huge budgets for advertising. Rather than great ingredients, they contain possibly toxic chemicals, alcohol and fragrances which are extremely irritating to facial skin. The best organic herbal skin care products routinely contain natural herbal oils that are easily absorbed by the skin. They also possess enzymes that promote the manufacturing of collagen by your skin. Collagen is a natural healer of the skin reducing wrinkles and other signs of age. Natural antioxidants are also a component of the best products and these work to tone and also heal damage done by the sun, aging or lifestyle. Lifestyle is important as late nights, drinking, smoking, and lack of exercise will all show up on the facial area sooner or later. Certain oils such as macadamia and jojoba oil have been shown to nourish the skin without irritation. Facial masks made from medicinal herbs for skin are soothing and healing.About the Author:

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Shaker Medicinal Herbs: A Compendium of History, Lore, & Uses

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Natural Cures For Insomnia - Herbs That Promote Healthy Sleep

Author: Janet Bugby

Herbs have been used as natural insomnia cures for centuries and many are very effective and safe. The following are tried and tested herbs that can have a real effect on your insomnia.

Lavender has been used for centuries to calm the nerves and lavender essential oil can be added to the bath water for a soothing, calming effect. Lavender can also be used as a massage oil or lavender sachets placed on the pillow to inhale as you fall asleep.

Passion Flower is often recommended by herbalists as an important herb in the treatment of insomnia especially when it is caused by stress or nervous exhaustion. It can be used by both children and adults and is an excellent sedative that has no known side effects.

Chamomile is a safe herb that can be used by children and adults. In the form of chamomile tea it can soothe restlessness and irritability, especially in children. Have a relaxing bath with chamomile oil added to the water before bed. It can also be used as a massage oil.

California Poppy is found in many herbal natural insomnia cures and helps to promote sleep by easing anxiety and helping you to relax. It is mild and can be used by both children and adults. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of California poppy in promoting sleep and helping to reduce anxiety.

Valerian is used by many herbalists for as a natural cure for insomnia. It is a good sedative for those suffering from restlessness and nervousness that is causing difficulty in sleeping. It helps to reduce waking during the night and helps you to fall asleep more quickly. It has no side effects and is often used in combination with other herbs such as passion flower or California poppy.

St. John's Wort has been used for many years for insomnia and anxiety and is now used by many herbalists to help with mild depression and insomnia. It is not an instant sure and may take a few weeks before you being to feel any benefit. It can cause sensitivity to sunlight to increase so take care to avoid exposing the skin to bright sunlight or wear a sunscreen whenever you are out of doors.

Wild lettuce has been used as a mild sedative for many years and contains an opium related chemical plus small amounts of hyoscyarnin which is an anti cramping agent. It is found in formulas for both chronic and acute insomnia.

Promote Healthy Sleep

Ensure healthy sleep by having a calming bath before bed to which you have added some fragrant lavender essential oil. Sleep pillows containing a mixture of aromatic herbs can also be helpful in promoting sleep. Eat a small meal containing carbohydrate with small amounts of protein before retiring. This combination makes tryptophan more available to the brain. This promotes the production of melatonin and serotonin which are important chemicals that regulate sleep patterns. Meals that contain the appropriate combinations include cereal with low fat milk, yogurt with granola, peanut butter and crackers and an apple with cheese.

Avoid eating foods that are stimulating late at night. This includes spicy foods that may induce heartburn, caffeine and alcohol. Foods that are high in protein contain tyrosine, an amino acid that is a brain stimulant. Also foods containing monosodium glutamate and foods high in refined sugar which can lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels that can disturb the sleep by causing a burst in energy.

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Homeopathic Sleep Formula

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Health Benefits of Green Tea Pills in Combination With Natural Anti-Aging Supplements

Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

People have begun investing in green tea pills over the last few years because almost everyone realizes that there is much to be gained through the use of this powerful supplement. The health benefits of green tea supplementation are clearly recognized by the medical community. This powerful antioxidant addresses two of the five major causes of chronic illness, and aging.

Green tea pills alone however are not the answer to every physical problem that you may have. The truth is that you need more well rounded supplementation if you are going to be able to avoid nutritional deficiencies, and the health issues that come along with them. Poor nutrition leads to these deficiencies, and we can become deficient in some areas no matter how well we think that we eat.

As I stated a moment ago the health benefits of green tea only address two of the major causes of illness and aging. This leaves us with three more areas that we still need to address if we want to continue to maintain our health, which means that we have to make sure that we are taking in a wellspring of different nutrients. Focusing on just one won't do the trick.

Instead of simply relying on green tea pills we need to focus on finding nutritional supplements that feature this extract along with all of the vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need in order to maintain proper balance and function. There are many good multivitamins that will provide you with all of the nutritional balance that you need, just make sure that you are using the one that contains the highest purity level that you can get.

The only way that you can enjoy the health benefits of green tea is if the products manufacturer took great lengths in order to ensure that the substance going into their formula is of the highest quality, and potency. If they take all of the proper measures during the preparatory stages of the formulation then you will be able to get the most out of using the product.

Since there are so many different natural ingredients that will cure ailments other than those that green tea pills will it is good to have a strong mixture of those be part of your dietary formula as well. Look for products that also include such ingredients as alfalfa, bilberry, black cumin, ginkgo biloba, olive leaf turmeric, ginger, grape seed, myrrh, pine bark and milk thistle extracts if you want to be able to enjoy the wide range of benefits that these herbal ingredients will offer you.

All of these ingredients will only accentuate the health benefits of green tea, and along with a complete listing of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and immunity stimulators will keep your body running like a well oiled machine long into your golden years. As long as you consume products that containing this type of mixture you will enjoy things that taking green tea pills alone cannot give you.

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Green Tea Supreme

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How to Stop Excessive Sweating - One Simple Trick That Will Help You Stay Dry

Author:Chamomile Flower Liquid Extract
Bryan Hufford

Imagine that you have gone out on this blind date, and are extremely nervous. While a bit of jitteriness is normal, the problem arises if you complain of over sweating as well. Think how disgusted your date would be if you extend a sweaty palm when introducing yourself.

The medical terminology for over sweating is hyperhidrosis. This condition affects about a percent of the overall population. The sufferers however may experience social embarrassments and kids can actually display withdrawal symptoms if affected by the same. So what can you do now? How to save yourself from embarrassment? How to stop excessive sweating?

The condition however is not incurable. A host of remedies are available ranging from botox to natural medications. I would highly recommend the natural treatments, as they are the safest and have the fewest side effects. Every kind of remedial measure however has their associated shortcomings as well.

Wearing loose clothes that allow sufficient air flow is the best bet when countering symptoms of profuse sweating. Stay away from deep colored, body fitting apparels as they choke your skin pores and prevent the skin from breathing properly.

Bathing regularly a minimum of two times daily helps keep your body temperature down. Since sweating is a direct result of the increase in body temperature, if you stay cool there will be no need to sweat. And not only will you smell good, but your skin will glow as well.

Dabbing a cotton ball dipped in chamomile oil underarm can significantly reduce sweating as well.

Botox has also been known to cure excess sweating but there have also been reports of it having adverse health effects as well.

Keep the above tips on how to stop excessive sweating and take the necessary steps I order to cure yourself from over sweating.

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Herbs for Bladder Control – Natural Ingredients to Stop Overactive Bladder

Herbs for Bladder Control – Natural Ingredients to Stop Overactive Bladder

Author: Ricky Lim

Millions of people from various ages suffer from different bladder diseases such as overactive bladder and urinary tract infection. Problems in the bladder may range from mild where it still does not affect your work and daily life and may range up to serious like tumors where you may get hospitalized and may even cause fatalities.

However, for most people, the common problem overactive bladder and there are a few natural herbs you can take to alleviate this symptom.

There are various herbs that can help control your bladder and your bladder problems. Though most of them can be found in European or in the Asian countries, they are proven and are also used in those formulated medicines.

The herbs that can be found in China and in other Asian countries are Alpinia oxyphylla, Cornus officinalis, Schisandra chinensis, Panax ginseng.

These herbs have been used by Asians for thousands of years, more like ancient medicine and yet they still work and have proven to help treat bladder problems.

Valerian can be found in the Greek region, where it has been used for more than thousands of years and yet it’s still being studied because of its capabilities to cure various sicknesses besides bladder disorders.

These various medicinal herbs are also used for treating spasms and also muscle problems. In those medicinal capsules that are said to cure or treat bladder problems, these herbs are combined and brewed as it might amplify its effects.

Though these herbs are said to work and cure bladder problems, you might still want to consult your doctor as these herbs might cause complications to your body and cause side effects or even might make your condition worse.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Poisonous Plants in Your Garden

“I didn’t know what to do!” Explained Mrs Bradley. “She was coughing and holding her throat. I thought she was choking so I tried to make her bring up what she had swallowed.” Staff at the casualty unit of the hospital treats a four year-old child who chewed on a seedpod from a wisteria. This plant poisons many children.

”Parents often try to make the child vomit and this is very dangerous,” warns Sister Graham RN, RCHN. “If a child aspirates the poison, it could prove fatal. The largest numbers of poisonings we deal with here occur in children under five years of age.
Children are naturally curious but must be taught never to put any part of a plant in their mouths and never to eat berries, wild fruit, seeds or mushrooms. Flower arrangements for the dinner table or buffets should never include fruits, berries or seeds that might be toxic.”

Some varieties of cut flowers have toxic properties. Species of Orntihogalum are among the most poisonous plants and if allowed to contaminate fodder, leads to stock loss. Several of these are cultivated as garden plants and cut flowers. The most common are Ornithogalum thyrsoides and Ornithogalum conicum, commonly known as ‘chincherinchees’.
Often one part of a plant may be edible while the rest of it is poisonous (e.g. rhubarb). Many plants used for medicinal purposes are toxic only if ingested in large quantities.
Some plants, although not poisonous, cause allergic reactions in people suffering from hay fever or asthma, especially pollen bearing trees like Acacia or Plane trees.
Plants that are innocuous to some people, like strawberries, ivy or chrysanthemums can cause skin irritation in people who are
If you suffer from allergies wear protective gloves when handling plants. Stems should always be cut rather than broken to prevent harmful sap from coming into contact with the skin. Fortunately, many poisonous plants have survival characteristics including thorns, hard outer shells or are bitter to the taste. Plants that cause irritations or illness in humans should never be fed to animals.

In case of suspected poisoning of a human or animal:

Act immediately – do not wait to see if the symptoms go away. Some toxins can stay in the body and only manifest themselves a day or two later.
• It is preferable to go straight to a hospital Casualty rather than to a doctor.
• Identify and collect samples of suspected poisonous plants in your garden to take to the casualty
• Do NOT induce vomiting or give milk – some poisons are contra-indicated for milk.
• Carers should be taught about poisonous plants in the garden.

Write down contact numbers for the Emergency Poison Unit closest to you.
Published: 2008-11-21
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